Saturday, 1 September 2012

There are maybe 13 or 14 days a year (including, I'm afraid to say, Christmas Day) when my very first thought upon waking is: "Doctor Who today..."

Much as my creative superego (i.e. my inner-Kek) discourages me, I have been sucked back into  the comforting world of Doctor Who fandom and I had a lovely time on holiday doodling cybermen - indeed I seem to have got a semi-regular comic strip going with the nice folk over at Inprint Comic - it's called "The Prop Cupboard of Obscure Doom".

Also see below my cover for "The Terrible Zodin" 14, which you can download here.

Both of my regular readers will be aware that Cybermen and speaker stacks are hardly an original departure for me - but I was quite pleased that I managed to lever in the Cyberking....

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